Saturday, 17 October 2015

Just a Little Something I'm Loving at the Moment

Giorgio Armani recently launched a truly fascinating new project - Films of City Frames.  Four aspiring directors from four different prestigious international film schools were set the task to create a short film inspired by real lives.  Narrated through the eyes and emotions of the characters, each film tells a story of how the individuals witness life in their own cities.  But, what makes this so incredible is Armani's clever catch.  The brands' 'Frames of Life' glasses collection is the underlying connection for each captivating story and as quoted by Armani, the collection 'serve as frames to the stories themselves'.  In addition, as an accompaniment to this project, the brand also released 'Frames of Life' - 5 stories told through the eyes of 5 different people around the world sharing their lives, their memories and their dreams.  To make this project even more amazing, you're able to browse each individual story through your own eyes, using their interactive programme. 

The cinematography of each film left me speechless; I was left feeling completely amazed and fascinated at how a simple collection could be promoted through an unbelievably well crafted idea. Giorgio Armani, I applaud you.

If you want to check these projects out for yourself, just click on the image below!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

One For The Boys - Wardrobe Essentials

Once again my course has inspired the idea behind this post.  Whilst learning the ins and outs of male styling and men's fashion in general, I came across the classic pieces that every man should own in his wardrobe and thought I'd share this with you.  

Now, the items that are listed below, like I said, are the classics, they compliment every outfit and will never go out of fashion.  By saying this, I do not mean for you to go on a huge shopping haul and drain your bank balance, but that is entirely up to you if you want to.  Instead, I am simply providing you with these 'must have' pieces which you can build gradually in your wardrobe and can be purchased in whatever order you wish, whenever you choose.

Before I begin, my word of advice is go neutral so think white, black, grey, navy, and beige when purchasing these items, they're versatile - suitable for everyday/ work wear/ and formal occasions and they provide the basis for multiple outfit combinations.

12 Wardrobe Essentials
1. An Overcoat.
A key piece that falls into the 'buy for life' category. Find one that suits your body shape, has style and quality longevity and you're sorted.  There are 4 classic overcoats to choose from - A Pea Coat, A 3/4 Length Dress Coat, A Duffle Coat and A Trench.  I won't go into depth about each one, but, what I will say, is that this classic can be worn with anything, including a suit.  If you're thinking of buying a 3/4 Length Dress Coat steer towards a single breasted style in a navy or midnight blue colour for a sharp, clean look.

2. A Black and White Dress Shirt.
Again, this staple can be worn with anything from jeans to dress trousers. For the white shirt, I'd advise to choose a thicker cotton weave for increased durability. 

3. A Scarf
Purchase in cashmere, wool or silk and tie around the neck for an effortless cool look. When it comes to purchasing a scarf, ensure that the quality is either equivalent or superior to that of the outerwear for class.

Tartan Tan Lambswool Scarf, £27.95, Barbour
Silk Scarf, £45, Ted Baker

4. A Pair of Brown and Black Dress Shoes. 
Another item that should fall in to the 'buy for life' category so, make sure you invest in a good pair. Wear the black pair with formal attire; a modern take on the classic Cap-toe Oxford is your best bet. And the brown pair can be worn more everyday with beige or navy trousers, anything but black bottoms!

Brown Suede Desert Boot, £40, Moss Bros
Black Oxfords, £59.20, Stacy Adams

5. A Cashmere Sweater.
A good quality cashmere (cashmere blend will do) sweater will last you for years and is a perfect layering up piece. The better the quality cashmere, the less likely it is to pill and so I know, this means you'll have to crossover in to purchasing the 'higher end' products, but remember, it'll last for a long time.

6. A Leather Belt.
This item is probably going to be one of the last on your list as accessories can be forgotten about.  However, a leather belt can be worn with jeans, to flat front trousers, to suits. And... if you purchase one that's reversible - black on one side and brown on the other, you're getting two belts for the price of one. Bargain.

7. A White T-shirt.
Do I need to say much more? It's a classic and should really already be in your wardrobe by now as it's an extremely versatile piece. But, if you don't, or, you're wanting to purchase another to add to your collection, look for a blend of 98% cotton and 2% lyrca for comfort.

8. A Sports Coat/Blazer
Very good smart/casual attire and always goes well with a pair of matching suit trousers or a pair of jeans. Rule of thumb - the simpler the sports coat, the more enduring it is.

Skinny Blazer, £35, ASOS

9. Black Socks.
An absolute necessity. Keep them smooth (no ribbing) and fairly thin. As for white socks? Only wear them with gym shoes.

10. A Suit.
A suit is a must. Worn for work and formal occasions, they are the third and final item to fall in to the 'buy for life' category. When it comes to buying a suit, it is all down to you, from the type of fabric, style and shape. One rule to know is to start buying suits from a young age.  If you haven't already purchased a suit, your best colour choice is navy as its the most versatile and can be worn to all formal affairs compared with a black suit. If you already own a navy suit then the next colour to purchase is charcoal, following that is a light coloured suit, in light grey, light brown or khaki and finally a black suit to finish off the collection. For those who own suits already, ensure that they are still wearable i.e the condition, colour and cut are still good before purchasing one off the list.

11. A Polo Shirt.
Another easy basic piece.  Get a few in various colours for versatility and to liven up your wardrobe.

12. Jeans.
The last on the list are jeans. Again, I don't need to say much about this wardrobe essential as they are an everyday classic. But what I will say is this, ensure you are buying the right fit, cut and wash to suit you.